Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heaven is a Duck Taco

As a young professionals who love to over indulge in the finest culinary delights, a gastropub is a dream come true. The first time YIC heard about Deagan's, we leapt for joy. Sadly, we were quickly brought back down to reality by the fact that it's just out of our normal price range, meaning it couldn't become a regular pig-out joint (splurge worthy for sure!). Still, just reading the menu and thinking about the microbrew and food combinations we were missing out on made our heads spin.

Sitting there realizing that sadly this was one culinary adventure that wouldn't make it into the annals of YIC was when it actually happened. The heavens parted and the almighty gastrointestinal gods (a banner ad that apparently worked!) showed YIC the way to the frugal digestion promise land: TACO TUESDAYS. Since this sign from the food deities appeared on Monday, it was a little last minute to organize a group excursion, but it had to happen for YIC. Plus, who can say no to tacos?

When the day finally arrived, YIC showed up and while waiting for a table thought it was only fitting to get mojo going for a taco eating frenzy with a Boulder Mojo IPA ($4). This was a fantastic choice, as the robust, hoppy flavor provided the needed juice to wind down from a day at work and wind up for some quality tacos.

Deagan's Taco Tuesday menu is quite simple: there are chicken, beef and tofu tacos all for $2, shrimp and tuna tacos for $3, and this week's special taco was a duck taco for $3.50. Since the adventurous spirit was all around, YIC decided to try a little bit of everything, with a order of one beef, one chicken, one shrimp, and one duck taco.

The chicken and shrimp tacos both had the same toppings and were incredibly bland. The only real flavor came from what anyone would call a disgusting amount of "micro" cilantro. The beef taco was solid: well marinated beef, with a nice sweet pico, cheese and some more cilantro. The beef was definitely the best of the $2 variety and worthy of the Taco Tuesday trip. I washed down all the tacos with another IPA ($4).

None of these $2 tacos held a candle to their big, bad, delicious bro: the duck taco. It was, to be brief, life changing. The shell was deep fried and crispy, and inside was marinated duck confit covered in probably the best Thai chili sauce I have ever tried. This was all topped off with some onions and slaw. From first bite to last this deep fried duck flavor boat was so good that everyone had to try them, so our friends ordered two more without hesitation.

YIC loves a good deal and Taco Tuesday anywhere is always a win, but if you want the best taco YIC has ever had on a Tuesday in Cleveland, Deagan's is your stop and the duck taco is your best bet!(Total 2 Beers and 4 tacos = $18.50)


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