Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If my wallet were as big as my stomach...

If my wallet was as big as my stomach, Cleveland restaurateurs would never go hungry. Unfortunately, like many young adults who choose to make Cleveland their home, I can't afford to do everything I desire. But my love of all things Cleveland is too strong a passion to ignore. The only solution I have come upon to resolve this quandary is to search out and find the amazing ways to live and love Cleveland economically.

So this is my attempt to live in blissful frugality. I am going to search out and find the many ways to eat, drink, and love the Forest City for those of us young and living with limited means.

My first stop on this "Tour de Thrifty" was the C-Town Chow Down. The Chow Down, for those of you who don’t know, is a conglomeration of the finest food trucks Cleveland has to offer. Located in Tremont's Lincoln Park (at least in May!) and accompanied by music, these boxcar foodies convene once a month to purvey their wears for the hungry masses.

The lineup of trucks!

I started off my trip with some early afternoon BBQ with a pulled pork sandwich from Jim Kuhn's Pig Lickin' Good BBQ. The pulled pork was cooked perfectly, not dry with some great flavors. I added some of Jim’s famous sauce to the mix and dove in. The sauce was tangy and sweet, which I enjoyed even though I am more partial to spicier BBQ.

Next I headed over to The Nosh Box, which was a new experience for me. I got a chicken flatbread sandwich. The flatbread was a nice idea with some grilled onions and peppers, black beans, rice, cheese and cucumber ranch dressing. It was good but had a few to many flavors happening all at once for my taste, seemed like it should have been trying to be more a sandwich and less of a burrito.

Jibaro was the last stop for our group where my friend got a burrito. Per usual, it did not fall to impress as I made sure to mooch some of the delicious burrito scraps!

The day was supposed to end with some vintage baseball at Thrush Park, but the inclement weather utterly devastated the field of play. So we decided instead to head to the Flying Monkey for Sunday Funday to catch the Tribe game. Flying Monkey is one of my favorite places to grab a drink in Tremont. If you stop by during the week or on Sunday it has a wonderful atmosphere, great prices, and friendly service. Friday and Saturday nights draw crowds, and personally I have to be in the mood for that, but this is a great place for a happy hour drink. On this Sunday it was a great decision as we sat down for with some $2 beers and watch the Reds get slapped around, putting a nice cap on a wonderful afternoon in Cleveland. All told, I spent $15 dollars for a whole afternoon of living and loving Cleveland and I couldn’t have been happier.


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